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Whether you require engineering plastic for automotive, electronics, electricals or home appliances, we have the experience and expertise to tailor our formulations to your specific needs.


Highly Customizable

We offer highly customizable service from materials to injected parts. With the best support based on client’s requirement for plastics materials performance, price, quantity, we have worked with more than 600 clients for their thousands of various cases. 

Technical Support

We built a team with experienced engineers with more than 10+ years for engineering plastics which can support your high expectation. We also collaborate with many labs of universities, and large technical research centers of materials. 

Mission & Philosophy

Encounter difficulties finding the right solution for your project? We offer cost-effective alternatives. Our philosophy is centered around the belief that stable quality, excellent customer service results in mutual success for all parties involved.



PA66 GF30 / PA66 GF33 / PA66 GF35 / PA6 6 GF25 / PA66 GF50 / PA66 GF15 / PA66 GF20, and PA66 FR, PA66 GF FR, etc.


PA6 GF30 / PA6 GF15 / PA6 GF35 / PA6 GF50 / PA6 GF25 / PA6 GF15 / PA6 GF33 / PA6 GF20, PA6+GF FR, PA6+GF FR without halogen, PA6+GF FR with Red Phosphorus


ABS general purpose, ABS high impact, ABS flame retardant, ABS plating, ABS anti-static, ABS glass filled, ABS heat resistant, ABS high gloss, ABS matte grade.


AS general purpose, AS/PC alloy, AS glass filled, AS glass filled high impact


PBT GF30 / PBT GF20 / PBT GF15 / PBT GF25, PBT GF30 FR / PBT GF20 FR / PBT GF15 FR...etc, PBT ASA GF30 / PBT ASA GF20, and PBT talc filled, PBT/ASA alloy, PBT/ASA GF, PBT/PET alloy, PBT/PET GF...


PC/ABS General purpose, PC/ABS high flow, PC/ABS plating, PC/ABS flame retardant, PC/ABS Halogen Free flame retardant, PC/ABS glass filled, PC/ABS glass filled flame retardant


PC glass filled, PC flame retardant, PC glass filled flame retardant, PC/PBT alloy, etc


PMMA/ABS general purpose, PMMA/ABS high gloss, PMMA/ABS flame retardant.


PPA GF 50 / PPA GF 33 / PPA GF 35 / PPA GF30 / PPA GF 40 / PPA GF 45, and PPA GF FR, etc.


PEI resin, PEI powder 100mesh-300mesh, PEI glass filled, PEI carbon fiber filled, etc


PPS high impact, PPS glass filled, PPS glass/mineral filled, PPS/PPO alloy, PPS/PA66 alloy,etc


PEEK 3D printing, PEEK glass filled, PEEK carbon fiber filled, PEEK abrasion resistant.


PPA in Automotive Field

Due to its high temperature resistance and super high strength properties, PPA plastic has been widely used for auto engine related parts, especially the PPA GF series like PPA+35% G... read more

PPA in Chemical Machinery Field

PPA material has good advantage in chemical resistance and high strength even in higher temperature condition, so it can be used for chemical related applications especially PPA GF30... read more

PA66 in Automotive Fields

PA66 has been widely used for automotive parts especially in engine parts and structural functional parts. Such as PA66 supertough, PA66 + Glass Fiber, PA66 Alloy and More. T & T... read more

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PPO Alloy

PPO can be compounded with PA, PP, PPS, etc for different applications. Our company has following grades for clients: I0H66-S180                            Super-Toughn... read more

Nylon6 Alloys

Nylon6 materials can be used to compound with ABS, ASA, PP etc as alloys to meet some specific requirements of applications. Our company has following grades for clients: H6B     ... read more

Nylon66 Alloys

Due to higher strength and good size stability, PA66 can be alloyed with PPO, PPS materials to reach higher special performance. Our company developed several special grade for the N... read more


Polyimides (PI) are high-performance polymers of imide monomers which contain two acyl groups (C=O) bonded to nitrogen (N). These polymers are known for their high temperature perfor... read more

PA46 Materials

The symmetry of the PA46 structure ensures that the polymers fit in the crystal in multiple ways, thereby giving rise to high crystallization speeds and high crystallinity. This comb... read more

PA610/PA612 Materials

Nylon 610 (PA610) / PA612 are specific nylon materials designed for cold resistant applications while normally exhibiting properties like PA6 in strength. They also has extremely low... read more

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Our experienced technical team can assist with material selection. Furthermore, we have complete support from our own factory in developing custom grades to meet specific product performance and processing requirements.