Nylon6 Alloys

  • nylon6 Alloys

Nylon6 materials can be used to compound with ABS, ASA, PP etc as alloys to meet some specific requirements of applications. Our company has following grades for clients:

H6B                              High Impact Resistance; Matt Surface Effect

H6BGx                         High Impact Resistance; Glass Filled(x=2,3,4…); High Strength

H6BS                            High Impact Resistance; Good UV stabilized

H6BSGx                       High Impact Resistance; Good UV stabilized; High Strength; Glass Filled(x=2,3,4…)

H6A0                           High Impact; Good Flowability

H6A0Gx                      High Impact; High Strength

If you have any questions or interest for our materials, please feel free to let us know.