PA610/PA612 Materials

  • PA 610 -612

Nylon 610 (PA610) / PA612 are specific nylon materials designed for cold resistant applications while normally exhibiting properties like PA6 in strength. They also has extremely low water absorption, excellent wear resistance, small molding shrinkage, excellent hydrolysis resistance and dimensional stability. The most important use is to make monofilament and cable wrapping for high-end toothbrushes. As a compounding factory, our company normally use those two materials for compounding purpose as following:

H610Gx/H612Gx                          High Rigidity;  Cold Resistance; Glass Filled(x=2,3,4…)

H610F/H612F                               Good Flowability; Cold Resistance; Flame Retardant

H610GxF/H612GxF                     Good Flowability; Cold Resistance; Flame Retardant; Glass Filled(x=2,3,4…)

H610Gx-HS/H612Gx-HS           High Rigidity; Cold Resistance; Heat Stabilized; Glass Filled(x=2,3,4…)


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