PA66 in Automotive Fields

PA66 has been widely used for automotive parts especially in engine parts and structural functional parts. Such as PA66 supertough, PA66 + Glass Fiber, PA66 Alloy and More. T & T Industry Group Limited has following grades:

H66G6-AT                       High Rigidity; Good Surface Effect

H66Gx-HR                       Anti-Hydrolysis; Refrigerant Resistance; Glass Filled(x=5,6…)

H66GM5-HR                   Anti-Hydrolysis; Dimensional Stability; 25%Glass/Mineral Filled

H66GM5-AT                    Good Comprehensive Properties; Dimensional Stability; 25%Glass/Mineral Filled

H66Gx-CS                         Blow-Injection Grade: High Toughness; Glass Filled(x=3,4…)

H66Gx-HS                        High Rigidity; High Temperature Resistance; Glass Filled (x=5,6…)

H66GxMy                          Warpage Resistance; Good Surface Effect; Mineral/Glass Filled(x=3,4,5…; y=3,4,5…)

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