PA66 in Sports Equipment and Daily Used Articles

  • PA66 in Sports Equipment and Daily Used Articles

Nylon 66 is with high performance and good processing performance, PA66 compounds like PA66 GF33, PA66 GF35, PA66 GF50 and more, can be used for Sports Equipments and Manufactured Articles of Daily Use. Our company has developed several grades for clients to check:

H66ST                        Low Temperature Resistance; Super-Impact Resistance

H66Gx-ST                  Ultra-High Hardness; Low Temperature Resistance; Good Impact Resistance; Glass Filled(x=2,3…)

H66Gx                        High Rigidity; High Modulus; Glass Filled(x=2,3…)

H66Gx-LFT                Long Glass Fiber Reinforced(x=3,4…); Ultra-High Rigidity

H66Gx-WR                Good Wear Resistance; Good Comprehensive Properties; Glass Filled(x=2,3…)

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