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  • PBAT Plastics

PBAT stands for polybutylene adipate terephthalate, which is a type of biodegradable polymer. PBAT materials are made from renewable resources such as corn starch, and they can break down naturally in the environment through microbial action.

PBAT is commonly used in the production of packaging materials, such as bags and films, as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics. PBAT is recently the most popular biodegradable material, which succeeded in penetrating the biodegradable ideal into people’s daily life remarkably. Our company has following grades:

BD2010                Unfilled; General Purpose Grade

BD2010-S-ET     PLA/PBAT Based Compounds; Starch Filled; Extrusion Film Grade

BD2010-C-ET    PLA/PBAT Based Compounds; CaCo3 Filled; Extrusion Film Grade

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