PPA in Electronics and Electrical Fields

PPA polymer performs so good in high temperature condition, so PPA GF has been widely used in ultra-high end electronics and electrical applications, like PPA+25% GF FR, PPA+30% GF FR, PPA+35% GF FR and more. T & T industry Group Limited has developed several grades as following:

Q0HTGxF                                 High Strength; Remarkable High Temperature Resistance; Flame Retardant; Glass Filled(x=3,4,5…)

Q0HTGxF-GN                         Halogen-Free Flame Retardant; High Strength; Glass Filled(x=3,4,5…)

Q0HTCx                                    Superior Rigidity; Dimensional Stability; Carbon Fiber Filled(x=3,4,5…)

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