• PSF PSU Plastics
  • PSF PSU Plastics

PSF/PSU materials are widely used for fields which needs particular excellencies of maintaining stable performance under  long-term usage in high heat condition and abrupt temperature changes environment.  Our company has following grades:

R250N                             High Rigidity; Semi-Transparency

R250Gx                             High Rigidity; High Temperature Resistance;  Glass Filled(x=2,3,4…)

R250Cx                             High Mechanical Strength; High Temperature Resistance; Carbon Fiber Filled(x=2,3,4…)

R250G6-WR                    High Abrasion Resistance; High Rigidity; Glass Fiber Filled

R250C6-WR                    High Abrasion Resistance; High Rigidity; Caron Fiber Filled

If you have any questions or interest for our materials, please feel free to let us know.