PA66 is a high-performance engineering plastic with excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, and durability. At T&T Industry Group Ltd, we offer a range of PA66 products, including PA66 GF30, PA66 GF35, PA6 6 GF25, PA66 GF50, PA66 GF15, PA66 GF20, and PA66 FR, PA66 GF FR,etc.

PA66 FR, or flame retardant PA66, is an enhanced version of PA66 that contains additives to make it flame retardant. This kind of material is suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern, such as electrical components, automotive parts, and construction materials.

Most of our PA66 products are reinforced with glass fiber to enhance their strength and stiffness while maintaining heat resistance and chemical stability, which are suitable for use in various industries, including automotive parts, electrical components, industrial machinery, and more.

We also offer customized PA66 formulations to meet specific customer requirements for optimal performance.