PBT material is a high-quality engineering plastic that is widely used in various industries. At T & T industry Group Ltd, we offer a range of PBT materials, including PC PBT and PBF GF series such as PBT GF30, PBT GF20, PBT GF15, PBT GF25…etc and PBT GF FR.

Our PBT GF FR (flame retardant) products are enhanced with additives to make them flame retardant, making them suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern. These products include PBT GF30 FR, PBT GF20 FR, and PBT GF15 FR.

We also offer PBT ASA GF and PBT ABS GF products that are reinforced with ASA and ABS, respectively. PBT ASA GF is reinforced with ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) to improve its toughness and weather resistance. It is commonly used in outdoor applications such as automotive parts, electrical housings, and exterior construction components like roofing materials and siding. We offer PBT ASA GF30, PBT ASA GF20 and other customized formulations.

For PBT ABS GF, This type of PBT material is reinforced with ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) to enhance its impact resistance, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. It is often used in automotive applications such as engine components, electrical connectors, and interior trim parts.