PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) is the largest variety of special engineering plastics, known as the “sixth largest engineering plastic in the world” after PC (polycarbonate ), PET (polyester), POM (polyoxymethylene), PA (nylon), and PPO (polyphenylene ether), also one of the eight major aerospace materials. PPS material has advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardance, average mechanical properties, excellent dimension stability and electrical properties as well. With these outstanding properties, PPS compounds have already been as substitutes for certain metals in structural materials which are widely used in automobiles, electronics and electrical, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, light industry, military industry, aerospace and other special fields! PPS resin has also been made into high-performance special fibers and films, making it more widely used in environmental protection applications and clean energy fields.

In the automotive field, PPS can be used in headlight bowls, lamp sockets, sensors, carburetors, intake pipes, gasoline pumps, seat spring seats, water tanks, water chambers, throttle bodies, thermostats, regulating motors, and ignition System, motor bracket, heater bracket, thermostat bracket, casing, impeller, pump body pointer ring, circulating water pump casing, brake bracket, transmission device, brake lock, flow pump, gasoline pump, etc.

In the field of electrical appliances, PPS can be used in electric fans, microwave oven stands, clothes dryers, coffee cookers, toasters, rice cookers, hot air dryers, hair irons, air conditioner scrolls, etc.

In the electronic field, PPS can be used in micro electronic component packaging, brushes, brush holders, connectors, connectors, transformer switches, small circuit boards, connectors, high-voltage binding posts, medium wave filters, sockets, lamp holders , connectors, coil bobbins, trimmer capacitors, boiler sensor brackets, insurance bases, electronic motor brackets, shielding covers, micro bearings, etc.

In the field of medical devices, PPS can be used in connectors, adapters, drug release equipment, surgical detectors, filtration systems, surgical tools, and endoscopes. Mechanical components: pump casing, pump wheel, tiles, gears, pulleys, universal heads, seals, flanges, counters, levels, flow meter components, bearing cages, etc. Aerospace: gun casings, helmets, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts for warships and submarines, aircraft connectors, coil skeletons, and instrument panels. Plate and bar fields: suitable for special environments such as high temperature, insulation, and severe chemical corrosion.

In the fiber field, PPS polymer can be used as high-performance special fibers, filter media for high-temperature flue gases and special thermal media, drying belts in the paper industry, cable coatings and fire-proof fabrics, etc.

In the field of coatings, because PPS plastic has very high bonding strength to glass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., it is extremely suitable for use as chemical equipment linings, wear-resistant coatings, anti-stick coatings for metal grinding tools and pipes, non-stick pans, steam Non-stick coating for electric irons and non-stick range hoods.

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